How To Download Digital Files From Etsy
Downloading files from Etsy might seem a bit challenging for first-timers, but don't worry, it's nothing to be afraid of. Etsy offers an excellent selection of digital files, such as printable wall art, digital paper, and clip art for various projects.
To help you get started, let me provide a brief guide on where to find everything and how to download and access the digital files you've purchased on Etsy.

1. Start by going to your purchase and reviews section on Etsy
To download files from Etsy, you must access the platform using the desktop version as the app does not support this feature.
Once you're on the desktop version of Etsy, locate your profile icon in the top right corner. This icon serves as a gateway to your purchases and reviews, but it requires you to have an Etsy account.
Click on "purchases and reviews" in the dropdown menu that appears after clicking the profile icon. This action will reveal a list of items you've purchased.
Use the following link to directly access your Etsy purchases and reviews section:
However, if you opted for guest checkout on Etsy and do not have an Etsy account, you won't have access to a profile section. In this case, after making a purchase, you will receive an email containing the files you've bought, along with instructions on how to download them.
2. Scroll to the digital file that you purchased
Within the list of your purchases, locate the specific file you wish to open. Initiate the download process by selecting the "download files" option.
3. Find the file that you want to download from your purchases
On the following page, you will see a comprehensive list of all the files included in your purchase. You have the freedom to choose which files you want to download now and which ones you may want to save for later, based on your needs.
Rest assured, all your purchased files will be safely stored in your account, allowing you to access and download them whenever you like. So, feel free to return later to download any files you haven't retrieved immediately after making the purchase.
4. Download the files that you want to use
Select the file you wish to download by clicking on it. Subsequently, a download window will appear on your screen, typically at the top or bottom, depending on the web browser you are using. This window serves as confirmation that the file has been successfully downloaded to your computer and can be located in the downloads folder.