New Eve Theme 3.0 Documentation

Welcome to the documentation for New Eve Theme 3.0. This theme is designed for Shopify store owners who are looking to create an engaging and beautiful online shopping experience for their customers. The New Eve Theme 3.0 comes with a range of customizable features and elegant design elements that ensure your store stands out.

Getting Started

  1. Go to the Shopify Theme Store and locate New Eve Theme 3.0.
  2. Click on the 'Add Theme' button.
  3. Once the theme is added, go to your Shopify admin panel, navigate to 'Online Store' > 'Themes'.
  4. Click on 'Customize' next to New Eve Theme 3.0 to start customizing your store.


General Settings
  • Logo: Upload your store's logo.
  • Favicon: Upload a favicon that represents your store.
  • Color Scheme: Choose the primary and secondary colors that match your branding.
  • Fonts: Select the fonts for headings and body text.

  • Navigation: Customize the main navigation menu.
  • Search Bar: Enable or disable the search bar.
  • Contact Information: Add a phone number or email address.

  • Navigation: Customize the footer navigation menu.
  • Social Media Links: Add links to your social media profiles.
  • Copyright Text: Edit the copyright text.

  • Slideshow: Add images and text to create a slideshow.
  • Featured Products: Showcase selected products on the homepage.
  • Collections: Highlight specific product collections.
  • Newsletter Signup: Enable a newsletter signup form.

Product Pages
  • Product Images: Choose the size and layout for product images.
  • Product Descriptions: Customize the style of product descriptions.
  • Related Products: Show related products on the product page.

  • Collection Layout: Choose between grid or list layout.
  • Filters: Enable or disable product filters.

  • Blog Layout: Choose the layout for the blog page.
  • Article Layout: Customize the article page layout.
  • Comments: Enable or disable comments on blog posts.

  • Checkout Style: Customize the look and feel of the checkout page.
  • Payment Gateways: Select and configure payment gateways

Advanced Customizations

Custom CSS
You can add custom CSS to further modify the look and feel of the theme. Navigate to 'Theme Settings' > 'Custom CSS' and enter your custom styles.

Custom Scripts
Add custom JavaScript by navigating to 'Theme Settings' > 'Custom Scripts'. This is useful for adding additional functionalities or integrating third-party services.

Custom Liquid Templates
For advanced customizations, you can edit the theme's Liquid files. Be cautious as this requires knowledge of Shopify's Liquid template language.

Maintenance and Support

Keep your theme up to date by checking for updates regularly. You can update the theme through your Shopify admin panel.

For support and queries related to the New Eve Theme 3.0, please contact the theme developer or visit the support page on the Shopify Theme Store.

New Eve Theme 3.0 provides a rich set of features to create a stunning online store. With customization and configuration options, this theme is versatile for a wide range of e-commerce businesses. Be sure to keep your theme updated and don't hesitate to reach out for support if needed. Happy selling!